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Fur Elise Complete – Performance

This is world class pianist Valentina Lisitsa’s performance of Fur Elise! This is a great example to listen to put the entire piece together. Watch this version once then go on to the next section! Come back and listen after you can play through the whole piece at a slow tempo. This will help you […]

Fur Elise Complete – ADV PART 2

[private_silver] This video will show you step by step how to play the 2nd part of Fur Elise. We’ll connect this back to the main theme in the next lesson. The first step in learning any new music is to tackle the right hand first, then the left hand and then put them together slowly. […]

Fur Elise Complete – ADV PART 3

[private_silver] This video will show you step by step how to play the 3nd part of Fur Elise. The Next Step: Watch the full performance and follow along with the sheet music below. (print it off first) Sheet Music Download: This is the sheet music for the entire song! (15 pages long) Click here to […]

Fur Elise Step 1 – Melody & Chords – Easy

[private_silver] This will show you how to play fur elise with the right hand. The left hand will play the chords. Later on we’ll make the left hand roll the chords like Beethoven does. For now, we are only worried about the coordination of the right hand. Sheet Music Download: Click here to download the […]

Fur Elise Step 2 – B Section – Easy

[private_silver] We are just adding 5 more measures into this version. Don’t memorize it, just be familiar with it before you move on to the next step. I play it for you quickly to show you how it will sound when you’re finished practicing. Then I slow it down with narration so you can watch […]

Fur Elise Step 3 – Rolling Chords – Intermediate

[private_silver] If you’ve been following along on all the videos, we’re only adding 6 new notes in this lesson, so it shouldn’t take you that long to learn! Note: At the end of the video, I play Fur Elise as an example and tell you to follow along with the handout. (I do not take […]

Fur Elise Step 4 – Rolling Chords: Part 2 – Intermediate

[private_silver] This video covers the second half of the song. We’re going to add just a few more notes to the left hand. Rather than playing them as a chord, we’ll be rolling the chord. This is almost the same thing we did in when we covered the first half of the song in step […]